Health care

The main profile of our clinic are the laparoscopic procedures which are continiously increasing in number. In 2014, we were the first in Hungary to perform a radical cystectomy and urinary deviation laparoscopically. The procedures we perform are aimed by the latest technology, a 3D laparoscopic tower. There are more and more kidney-sparing interventions in our department. These operations are mainly laparoscopic as well. We perform nerve-sparing radical prostatectomies on a daily basis as routine surgeries.

In the last few years, microsurgical andrologist procedures appeared in our department as a new profile. For patients with severe incontinence, we can offer an artificial urinary sphincter placement. If a patient has drug.resistent erectile dysfunction, a penile implant can be the solution for him. The urogynaecal procedures which were introduced recently are performed on a regular basis. Reconstructive urology is also among our new profiles, which consist of the plastic surgery of refractory male urethral strictures and the surgical treatment of penile curvatures. Our clinic is always open-minded about new surgical techniques.