List of lectures 2016/2017 Ist semester

2016, September 14 - 11:19

Mo.Day               Lecture                                                                                                       Lecturer

09.13. Tu             Tumors of the prostate                                                                                Benyó Mátyás

09.21. Tu             Female urology. Urodynamic study                                                           Lőrincz László

09.27. Tu             Andrology: male inferility and sexual health.                                            Benyó Mátyás

10.04. Tu             Injuries to the genitourinary tract.                                                              Flaskó Tibor/BM

10.11. Tu             Urological infections. Pediatric urology. Congenital anomalies                 Farkas Antal

10.20. Th             Tumors of the urinary bladder                                                                    Berczi Csaba

10.27. Th             BPH. Retention urine. Clinical assessment and treatment                         Flaskó Tibor/BCs

11.03. Th             Disorders of the testis, scrotum and spermatic cord. Penile cancer           Berczi Csaba

11.10. Th             Tumors of the kidney                                                                                 Lőrincz László

11.17. Th             Tumors of the testis                                                                                    Flaskó Tibor/BCs